Housekeeping and laundry

We maintain the highest level of cleanliness.

The Nursing and Housekeeping Department look after the cleanliness of your room.

Wards are cleaned and bed linen and towels are changed on a daily basis.

All your laundry is processed in our in-house laundry service.

Nurses can be notified anytime to change linens and for cleanliness.  

Housekeeping on call can be contacted on 24hours hotline 0181 1000 8080 for change of linen, additional cleaning, etc.


Help us in making this hospital an environment friendly zone:

  • Kindly avoid flushing any materials like cotton bandages, sanitary napkins, etc. in the toilet
  • Please do not chew betel leaf/betel nut/smoke/drink alcohol in hospital premises
  • Please do not dispose waste/rubbish anywhere except into the bins provided for the purpose.
  • As per infection control norms, we have provided two categories of bins in all convenient places and washrooms.
  • Please dispose the waste as marked on the bins.
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