Dr. Fahmida Akter

Sonologist - Radiology and Imaging

DR. FAHMIDA AKTER has been working as a sonologist (Radiology and Imaging). She has special interests in breast imaging. She attended several National conferences, Seminar & Clinical meeting.


  • Member of Bangladesh Medical Association.
  • Member of Doctor & Medical Association of Dhamrai.


  • USG Guided FNAC
  • USG Guided Aspiration
  • USG Guided Biopsy
  • USG Guided Drainage.
  • Sono-Hysterosalpingogram.
  • Core biopsy from breast, lung & abdominal mass


  • MBBS, CMU, Diploma in Medical Ultrasound.
  • Trained on TVS, Colour Doppler and Breast Imaging.
  • Trained on Fetal anomaly scan, musculoskeletal USG.

  • USG of Abdomen
  • USG of Pregnancy profile including 4D anomaly scan, chest, head of neonate.
  • USG of Eye, Thyroid & Breast.
  • Transvaginal ultrasonogram.
  •  USG of Musculoskeletal system of vascular color Doppler.
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